Essence of Breastfeeding

August 28, 2021
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Essence of Breastfeeding

Sufficient nutrition for the growth and development of our infants is what we believe is critical to them. Therefore, mothers are giving their best to be healthy and prepare for breastfeeding, which supplies numerous lifetime benefits to the infant and the mother.

Before we meet our little ones, we have numerous plans for them. From diapers to clothes, even their bedsheets and pillows; instead, we want to make it perfect! Do you agree? Yes, of course! But on top of your list, feeding them is your primary concern. Throughout your pregnancy, you keep yourself healthy by eating vegetables and fruits, taking vitamins and medicines, and doing it for the baby and your body.

According to World Health Organization estimates that around 220,000 children could be saved every year with exclusive breastfeeding. In addition, it recommends that colostrum, the yellowish sticky breast milk that is produced at the end of pregnancy as the ideal food for newborns, be given within the first hour of birth, a process referred to as early initiation. Infants breastfed within the first hour of birth are three times more likely to survive than those who have their first breast milk after a day.

During the first hour with my newborn, they advise me to feed her continuously to stimulate breastmilk supply. Honestly, I'm hesitant to do it, and it's freaking hard to move because I just had my major surgery. I am not allowed to lie on my left nor my right side. Gratefully, I have my mom and husband the entire time. They helped initiate breastfeeding to get her first milk and our first bond as mother and daughter.

When my motherhood begins, I become observant in many ways, particularly to my little one. I almost check and monitor everything, specifically physical, mental, and emotional behavior. Yes! I've been doing this for nearly two years and will be doing this perpetually, haha, but I think every mom does the same, right?. My child is turning two this year, but I'm still giving her exclusive breastfeeding. For the past two years, I perceive how breastfeeding does to my child, and seeing her healthy makes me realize that I made the right decision to be a full-time mom for her. I observe my child's growth and development during the breastfeeding journey; She never had severe illnesses, which I am thankful for, never had severe cough and colds. She only gets a fever when she had her vaccines. She has a strong and active immune system, so these are just a few of the things I notice in her while she's growing.

My breastfeeding journey benefits my child, and as a mom, I also experienced the good side. Since my newborn latch from time to time, it helps my body get back in shape for a short period. It also helps me to prevent breast problems like mastitis. In addition, it helps me get enough sleep together with my baby, it encourages me to eat healthy food, and lastly, breastfeeding gives me unlimited time to bond with my child.

This breastfeeding is exceptionally challenging. Although I did not have a hard time in terms of breastmilk supply, what challenges me is that I need to sustain a healthy lifestyle through eating healthy food, vitamins, getting enough sleep, and exercise so that my baby can have the best nutrients she needs. In addition, because breastfeeding is skin-to-skin contact, I also practice proper hygiene by changing clothes and showers, which I believe is a requirement when you have a baby at home.

These are just the things I manage during breastfeeding. I know all moms out there were doing the same thing. You know what? I'm proud of you; I'm proud of us because we are strong and responsible enough to give the best for our children. But whether you breastfeed or not, whether you are a working mom or full-time homemakers, you are doing great by just being there for them, by just guiding them in every milestone they achieve.

Essence of Breastfeeding
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