Everything Is Worth It!

July 24, 2021
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Everything Is Worth It!

Bearing a child is probably the most unique and magical moment in every mother's life. Immeasurable happiness and love immediately take over once you meet your little one. Hence all the sacrifices and patience become worthwhile.

Do you still remember the first time you met your little one? You cried because of overflowing emotions of love, the moment you held them in your arms, and the very first time you call them "anak". Goosebumps! I will forever carry that moment and cherish every single of it.

7th of October, 2019, it was afternoon when I called my doctor and told her that I would go for the operation. Whooo! I've never made up a decision as challenging as this one. It was already my 10th month, oh yes! I reached this far because I waited for her to pop out on my tummy, but I guess she doesn't want to be disturbed inside. My doctor advises me whether to wait for my little cervix to dilate or undergo a cesarean section; If I waited, my baby would probably get infected, so what else do I have to do?? I have to save her before anything happened.

Our luggage was ready, and my husband took his day off to accompany me. My parents already prepared if I needed them, and my doctor also called the hospital to prepare everything for my delivery. I've never been to major surgery and admit to a hospital for some operation, so basically, this was the first. My hands were shaking! I'm so nervous, but at the same time have never been so excited and happy to meet our little sunshine.

I run some tests before I got into the delivery room, it feels weird sitting in a wheelchair and wearing a hospital gown, and I still dare to joke around with my husband, ridiculous!

Alright! This is it! I got anesthesia; I think this is one of the painful parts of undergoing a cesarean section. So, my doctor and staff started the operation, and the anesthesiologist told me that I could sleep. Still, just like any movie, I waited for my baby the entire procedure. How can I go to sleep? I've wanted to feel the moment and hear her cries. It still melts my whole being hearing her first cry.

So, I tried to be calm and relax; watching my pulse on the machine, looking at the lights above, and observing my doctor and nurses around me barely heard what they were discussing. At that moment, I thought of the two most important people; My husband, wishing he's beside me in the delivery room during the operation because I was freaking nervous, and hopefully someone could take a picture of our special moment, haha! And my baby, praying she'd be safe during the operation. Until, "Ay ang laking bata naman nito", said by the pediatrician, "naku mana sa tatay, matangkad tatay nito" said by my doctor, that very moment, I heard she cried loudly like it's the only thing I heard inside the room. Despite being dazed due to anesthesia, I caught a glimpse of her, and she got a pointed nose which I knew she got from her momma (proud mom). The pediatrician carried my baby and brought it beside me, and I cannot contain my emotions. Like what another mom said, the next thing I knew, "mapapaiyak ka," I was crying all over because everything is so magical; everything is worth it!

When I already settled in my room, the doctor visited and told me that my water was slowly drying out, a good thing I admitted right away, and my baby already poops out inside. She was nearly infected. I deeply closed my eyes as a sign of relief and was grateful that she was delivered safely.

By watching her sleeping safe and sound, I feel so lucky to be called a "MOM" I feel so fortunate because I am her mom.

Everything Is Worth It!
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Roxanne B. Libiran
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