For better or Worse

July 30, 2021
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For better or Worse

In a world full of chaos, it is challenging to settle yourself on uncertainty. But what if fate leads you to somewhere you can find peace, contentment, happiness, and certainty you're seeking. Would you dare to refrain from embracing it? Or be grateful because it happens.

I met my husband unexpectedly and strangely. I've never imagined in my wildest dream that social media will bring me to the man whom I chose to spend my life. Alright! I heard many stories of couples had their romance over the internet, but for a million reasons, it never persuades me to do the same thing until someone "sends a friend request," haha.

It was the year 2018 of September when I met my husband through a social networking site. He was so chatty, asking a lot of questions to which I barely respond. This man has great confidence, though. His name pops out on my screen from time to time, yeah! He asks petty things like my eating habit, hobbies, my job, and everything about me. It's like I'm trying to fill up a slambook. Kidding!. But you know what?? It never upsets me nor annoys me; I find it interesting knowing this man is a stranger to me. I feel comfortable sharing some piece of myself, and he's objective with everything he says. Well, the perks of talking to strangers cannot easily judge your decisions and actions because they barely know you. Clap clap, haha!

So, endless conversation starts, 24/7, until one night, I asked him to have a coffee with me, haha, yes! I'm the one who asked first; I took the risk! But honestly, I want to distract myself from thinking of what had happened at my job. So, he agreed and asked me If I can wait for him till he was out of the office by seven.

I was standing outside a fast-food chain when I saw him coming from afar. He was tall, average-built, curly long hair in a bun, wearing a white shirt and 6-pockets shorts with red shoes. First, he apologizes for taking too long because of the understandable traffic. Then I asked him to come inside the fast-food chain, but he refused and asked me to go somewhere fancy. Moreover, surprisingly, during our dinner at that fancy restaurant, a crew came over and handed me a slice of cake with a candle saying "happy birthday."  I was stunned and can't even utter some words but just a simple "Thank you." It's unbelievable that he manages to surprise me effortlessly, yet it marks one of my memorable nights with him.

From then on, we spend a lot of time together, day by day our relationship leads to a higher level. We got the chance to meet each other's family and friends.

Our relationship never took years to realize that we choose each other to spend life together forever. After a month, he proposed to me in a very intimate, funny, and straightforward way. Then after four months, we got married at a civil ceremony.

For better or worse, we promised to stay on each other side no matter what happens on the road where heading. It may be too early to think that our relationship will last forever, but it is what you visualize when you decide and choose your partner, right? Although our relationship as husband and wife is imperfect, how does it makes perfect? It is the unconditional love, commitment, and willingness to build a trustworthy, happy, and long-lasting relationship.

Love does move mysteriously. It incredibly comes to your life; to save you from the uncertainty, cease the confusion, and give meaning and purpose.

For better or Worse
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Roxanne B. Libiran
(Mom's Little Stories)