How do we prepare ourselves to be a parent?

July 25, 2021
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How do we prepare ourselves to be a parent?

Parenting is far from just being a mom or a dad. It is a lifetime commitment. It is embracing your responsibility to build a comfortable home where you nurture your child. It is more than visualizing a bright future and creating plans. It is an eternal piece of work that you have must act upon. Lastly, being in the parent's shoes is surprisingly unpredictable of countless encounters, but it will be an easy journey if you wholeheartedly accepted this fate.

When we learned that we would be a parent, Ohh my, I can't forget our reactions. Excitement, joy, and overflowing happiness, we knew from that moment that things would change differently. This new life depends on us, so we tightly held hands, as if we were going in a battle, which I think is true!

Every night, we always make plans, make lists of necessities, assess our budgets, and schedule important events such as doctor visitation, ultrasound, and other things to prepare. As a result, our mornings seem to turn into a sweeter and motivated one since we constantly think of all positive and good things.

We are so grateful for the gift of life and family. However, I must say that our relationship leads us to a higher level of commitment. Yes, we argue most of the time, HAHA, because sometimes we've got contradicting perspectives, but we manage to compromise concerning each other's voice since we have one priority: our child's sake. Indeed, we both are unfamiliar with this, yet little by little, we are learning.

Adjustments must not only emotionally and physically, but also your capacity to provide all the necessities. Although I believe some struggles financially, so are we. My husband doubled his time working, and I accepted some part-time jobs to suffice our needs. In addition, hubby ensures that I will never miss out on vitamins and food that my baby and I need. Admittedly, it's not easy to fulfill all the needs, but we try our best to provide everything.

Honestly, I think there are no guidelines in preparing how to become a parent. It is too complex and has various formulas for each situation under different circumstances. There's no assurance that all will run smoothly the way you want it to be. The only preparation you need starts within yourself individually and the strong foundation of your partnership as husband and wife.  The more you are equipped to face more trials together and grip each other's hand, there's no way on earth you can't handle all the awful things you'll come across in this lifetime parenting journey.

How do we prepare ourselves to be a parent?
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