Importance of Communication in a Relationship

September 8, 2021
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Importance of Communication in a Relationship

One thing I learned in relationships, it primarily requires understanding each other voices and actions. We are yearning for a happy and long-lasting partnership. I believe communication is one way to convey our feelings, ideas, love, and care; whatever your means is, it will help your partner appreciate and realize everything to help you make it work.

I must say our relationship is a roller coaster ride. But, unlike any other relationship, ours never took years before we tied the knot. Recalling those times, I am still in awe of how things happened quickly; four months of boyfriend-girlfriend thing then I got pregnant and got married after nine months, but do not get me wrong cause I never had any single regret of having him as my partner, husband, and father of my child. But, until now, things were overwhelming - overwhelming with joy.

Of course, our relationship was just like yours, IMPERFECT. Countless arguments over contrasting perceptions, opinions, even our preferences in simple matters became the root of our fights. Sometimes, it never lets the day goes by without any single quarrel, and it is somewhat exhausting, frustrating, and depressing. Yet sometimes, we are like a peaceful ocean; happy, alive, positive, energized. Whoo! I can still imagine my husband frowning when he gets upset, hahaha! But how do we settle things? How do we address our endless wrangle?

As time went by, it came to our senses that the simplest solution is COMMUNICATION, to avoid misunderstanding, useless fights, and negativity in our daily lives. I know we have not invested long years in recognizing each other before settling and building our family. I genuinely admit that we ended up fighting because I am still not familiar with him, but it never ceases my affection, and it gets me more excited to discover things. Every day, I learned something about my husband; there are things in our lives, especially our family, that uncover him and reveal an extraordinary quality. And my role as his partner is to accept all of it and understand everything about him willingly.

Communication opens us to a different aspect of a relationship, and I would rather say a more mature and sensible one. It builds our marriage into a meaningful one. Why? Cause we learn to express ourselves, we learn to appreciate each other’s actions, and we acknowledge each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Communicating not only express verbally, but your actions may also convey what you want to tell them. As they say, “actions speak louder than words,” if we lack the courage to verbalize our thoughts, maybe our actions can demonstrate what we need to tell them. Every so often, our efforts project the sincerest and most authentic message, and it helps to mold the relationship with great love and trust.

After small fights, we talked about what, why, and how to fix it and manage it. Although we realize each other’s shortcomings in that way, it enlightens us to have patience and a vast understanding to make it work. We also discuss kinds of stuff even in our good times, which leads us to do things positively to maintain a healthy marriage constantly.

Communication helps us to build healthy relationships. We, as partners and parents, can do things assertively. Every situation that happens, whether positive or negative, is an ingredient to a loving and trustworthy relationship. We all want a happy and peaceful relationship that could last for a lifetime. Learn to open yourself and learn to listen to them.

Importance of Communication in a Relationship
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Roxanne B. Libiran
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