Online Shopping in times of Pandemic

August 9, 2021
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Online Shopping in times of Pandemic

Pandemic is seriously making our lives heavy now. It affects our physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental being. It is like you keep battling but never see who to defeat, and it is depressing to think that it deprives us of many things we want to do. But, despite everything, we have to remain disciplined to survive.

My husband and I were never ready in any of these. The first week of the pandemic was a struggle for us. My child was only 4months when the pandemic started, and we thought we could make our way to buy Calie's pieces of stuff despite the economic community quarantine (ECQ). But, unfortunately, we didn't.

Calie had to use a washcloth during the day, and the remaining number of diapers should use during the evening. Can you imagine that?? I washed all the clothes that have been used from time to time because she had only a little washcloth. Since she is exclusively breastfeeding, it's a relief for us that she can still get healthy food, and that is one of the best things that we're grateful for for the time being.

So how do we manage to provide for our needs during a pandemic? We purchase everything online, yeah! Online shopping gives us numerous advantages.

Facing a threatening environment today, as parents, we only want what is best for our child: SAFETY. Thus, living in a modern world somehow bestows us to find a way to meet our family's needs. All you need to have is an internet connection to accomplish everything.

As the pandemic began, we decided to buy our necessities online, primarily Calie's needs such as diapers, clothes, shoes, and even toys we rely on online stores. Foods at home like meat, vegetables, and fruits were purchased through local stores and delivered to us. Medicines, toiletries, and other stuff were all bought through delivery services. Buying our things through online stores ensures our safety instead of going out and wandering with every grocery store.

We mostly get the product's information through the description displayed in every item; price, uses, point of origin, the materials used, and measurements. My husband is quite strict about selecting the item. He makes sure that it's worth every penny we spend. In addition, we usually read the customer's feedback to ensure the product is functional.

But, yes, there's a big BUT! Online shopping may sound so convenient, but there's little upstream about it. You cannot just choose and inspect your product because you just saw it in pictures, not the actual item. Refunds and replacements of items are also crucial to compare with the process inside the mall. These are some of the things that you may encounter through online shopping, so you take time to think about how to buy things online.

Nevertheless, online shopping is our new way of dealing with the current situation. We all want to survive and keep ourselves healthy and safe, aside from proper hygiene; this is how we manage to protect our family.

Online Shopping in times of Pandemic
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