Our kind of Date Nights

May 1, 2022
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Our kind of Date Nights

Dates nights with your special someone are probably one of the most exciting parts of a relationship. First, it allows you to spend time alone with them. It will enable the couples to enjoy each other's company which helps to create a stronger foundation of partnership.

Every relationship starts with the most basic one:' dating.' Yes, i know we've been at this stage of our relationship. These acts of love give you countless sweet memories that, when you recall them, you might want to turn time and go back to those giggles and overflowing emotions.

Husband and wife it associates with different life aspects. Time, responsibilities, dreams, and goals are always prioritize so that the relationship you build aligns with how you perceive your future. But, with these priorities, we tend to set aside it that is somehow crucial to your relationship.

As we enter a new chapter of being a couple, especially when I got pregnant, we already expect some of the things that we used to do would replace with busy schedules being a parent. If you ask if we manage to spend each other alone, obviously, NO! haha, but we have good reasons. Before we spent lots of time watching movies, attending special occasions, socializing with friends and families, and parties everywhere. We were able to stay late at night having endless conversations, and in the morning, we went for a walk and ran for miles. I honestly missed those times.

However, behind our busy schedules being parents, our relationship became valuable and meaningful. Each day that passes, we never complain about our parenting schedules; exhausting days were playing and taking care of your kid and working almost 14hours a day to provide for your family. We never complain because we are happy and fulfilled, we do not mind spending weekends at home, we love watching movies with an ice-cold beer at home, haha! While our little one is sleeping safe and sound, we choose to order food and have it at home, and we spend extra time playing with our child.

Our dating nights as husband and wife are far from fancy dating moments. When you have your own family, priorities change, but we love it anyway. At this stage of our relationship, we enjoyed our deeper conversation about parenthood, and we can say that we learned a lot.

Our kind of Date Nights
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Roxanne B. Libiran
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