Pregnancy Journey

July 24, 2021
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Pregnancy Journey

For nine unbelievable amazing months, I carried a miracle. A gift of life, granted to me whom I never thought can undeniably turn my world 360 degrees and transformed all of me in a snap.

Motherhood is indeed a new lifestyle. Who says entering this new world is an easy job? Ohh! I begged to disagree! It was tiresome really bad. It was ugly. The scars and scratches, messy buns, hot turned into iced cold coffee, unexpected dance lesson on how a baby fell into sleep, and I also got Mr. Panda’s eye. Those are just few hardships right? I’m sure all Mommas can relate! BUT, yes it’s a really a BIG BUT! Despite all of those, the pleasure it brought soothe you up to your very core. It changes not just physically but you, yourself big time! You’ll just gonna be surprised of how abundant unfathomable love you can offer.

Every single day has been exciting since then. Seeing my child goofing around in our sweet home is irreplaceable. The smiles and giggles we shared are really priceless. I’ve never been this happy and contented with life, until now. They are my treasure, my everything, that I am selfishly wanna keep on my own.

It was Valentine’s Day, perfect right? A day to celebrate love the same time we got to rejoice this wonderful gift. I can still picture out my boyfriend, now my husband’s genuine reaction when we figured out that we’re pregnant. Yes US! Of course I’m not gonna suffer alone. HAHA kidding! We should face it both though. There was this scene which is really a heartwarming, my husband touched my tummy lovingly and whispered something to our little peanut, and I guess that’s the first secret they shared.

Until my chosen obstetrician confirmed that it was real, it was a whirlwind emotion that I can’t comprehend. Happy, excited and nervous at the same time. As my first, I dunno how to act upon it, so I cautiously walk slowly feeling like I may drop this thing on my tummy. Haha Funny right? So this time I can finally react those first time moms, “I feel you!” haha.

Months went by, luckily, my baby didn't give me hard time though I also experienced cravings. As they say, “what a pregnant woman wants, she should definitely get.”  So I grab this chance fulfill what I crave for, thinking those what my baby also wants. But alongside with this, I gained weight; don’t get me wrong my tests appeared to be all normal! HAHA lucky right? Nevertheless, my OB advised me to lessen sugar intake and drink Buko Juice more often. This journey also forced me to eat fruits, vegetables and milk because that’s what our baby needs which is our Numero Uno priority.

My husband was not spared in my change of mood. Pregnancy hormones it is! All of a sudden you’ll cry out of petty things and got irritated for no reason but mostly I smiled a lot like I’m in a cloud nine. It was really a one hell of a ride. It requires unending patience, understanding and love to surpass and look forward in meeting your little one.

Everything in this journey is worthwhile. You’ve got to appreciate the assistance of your parents and right people you confide to. The effort to show their care and concern to your growing family was gratifying. Indeed surrounded by them was a huge advantage. But more than anything else, I can’t be grateful enough for my husband. The way he handle and take care of us, is remarkable. He stands not just my husband, the father of our child but literally the pillar of our home. I can definitely say that you’ll be a good Dad to our little baby. Iloveyou!

As much as I want to tell you everything about my pregnancy, I may create a novel here.. HAHA so this is it for now.

So just stay tuned to my little stories…


Pregnancy Journey
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