Sleepless Nights with Our Newborn

August 18, 2021
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Sleepless Nights with Our Newborn

There's nothing more worthwhile than taking care of your child. As a result, you already created a different version of yourself as a parent.

Looking back on the times we spend late nights drinking and hanging around with our friends like there's no tomorrow. And, the reason you put yourself to sleep is you have to get your ass back to perform your job the next day. But, despite the inadequate sleep, It's funny that you still have the energy to hang around and do silly things with your friends. Now that you're already a parent, do you still enjoy the sleepless and exhausting nights? Do you still mind not having a restful sleep?

I might say that our first month with our newborn was extraordinary to us. Everything we heard, watched, and read being a first-time parent was pretty accurate, hahaha! Particularly sleepless nights with a newborn baby. Oh boy! I can still picture ourselves with those nights. Because Calie is exclusively breastfeeding, I was asleep next to her. So whenever she needs me, it's convenient for me to reach her and provide what she needs. Cesarean delivery was seriously hard for me; it's challenging to move around because of the incision. Consequently, my husband sleeps in a separate bed, but every time I needed him, he's just one tap away, haha!

I can still recall how we push ourselves to wake up and pay attention to her. As husband and wife, we split up our tasks every night. First, I'm in charge of checking her diaper and feeding her while my husband manages to change diapers and cleaning everything. Then, if Calie cries or has difficulty sleeping, we alternately carry her and put her to sleep. Most of the time, I let my husband get a complete rest because he works eight hours during daylight.

During the day, whenever I had the chance to rest, mostly when Calie is napping, well, a newborn baby had nothing to do but to sleep and latch haha, I always took it as an opportunity to recuperate. Yes! You have to recover your strength, and you have to be better for your child because they will need you most of the time. My mom always reminds me that I should take care of myself because Calie depends on me, on us. Moreover, I ate a lot during the day because it will help my milk supply, while in the evening, my husband prepares some crackers and healthy snacks that I can eat after feeding Calie.

Maybe our nights with our newborn were exhausting, but it's fulfilling seeing her sleeping safe and sound. Watching her little face, tracing her delicate skin, excites us to watch her grow, drives us to dream, and motivates us to provide her a better future.

Day by day, it makes us wonder how we conquer every stage of being a parent. For our family, especially our children, we are determined to do everything to make them feel loved. Small or big things, we are willing to show how responsible we are as parents, and even if it requires us to sacrifice.

Sleepless Nights with Our Newborn
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